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Kicker Big 3 Combo Package 1/0 Gauge Big 3 Upgrade Kit

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Big 3 Upgrade Combo Package (1/0 AWG Hyper-flex Cable)…(see full description & details)



Benefits of Big 3 Upgrade

  • Helps eliminate dimming headlights
  • Helps stop drops in voltage
  • Enhances your vehicles electrical system stability
  • Allows you to add a second battery or high output capacitor for high powered sound systems
  • Improves vehicles system charging
  • Increases compatibility when using high performance alternators and batteries
  • Strengthens power current to everything in your vehicle without additional resistance

Includes Everything You Need To Upgrade The Big 3

  • 10 ft Kicker 1/0 AWG Kicker Gunmetal Gray Power/Ground Cable
  • 5 ft Kicker 1/0 AWG Kicker Blue Power/Ground Cable
  • Two Kicker Battery Terminal Clamps
  • Four 0/2 Gauge Ring Terminals
  • One Electrical Wire & Cable Cutter/Strippers


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